Monday, October 13, 2008

Leftover Bread Dilemma

One thing always concerns me after relishing dahi idli ...what to do of all the edges that are cut off from the bread while making it?

Most often than not I roast the bread with tomato gravy which we at home call 'Bhuni Bread'. Occasionally I grind it after drying it in Sun to use as bread crumbs or bake it to use in Tomato Soup.
How do you use up your leftover bread?

Bhuni Bread


5 Bread slices / Leftover bread from Dahi Idli
1 Tomato
1 T Oil
Pinch of Asafetida
½ tsp Mustard
1 Green chilly Chopped
1 tsp Chilli Powder
½ tsp Turmeric
Salt to taste
Coriander to Garnish

Break the bread into several pieces. Heat the oil in a wok and add mustard to it. Let it splutter and add hing and green chillies. To it add the Chilli, turmeric, salt and mix. Add the Tomatoes and sauté till the oil just starts to separate. Add the bread and mix well till it is coated with the tomato mix. Cook till it is a little roasted. Mix the finely chopped coriander.

Bhuni Bread
Bread edges or leftover Bread used adds a crispness to the dish. While the soft portion of the bread turns soggy when used here.

I am sure Onion and Garlic paste would enhance the taste of this dish...However I still don't use it. Reason being I don't wish to change any dish, that I have learnt from my Mom, a bit. At my home back in Goa...My mom doesn't use Onion and Garlic in any preparation. That at times comes as a surprise to some. But thats the way we make all our dishes. However I do use Onion and garlic at my home but not for my Mom's recipe :)

Last week we chose Drona over Kidnap after much confusion as our Weekend watch. I indeed was happy after the not-so-good reviews Kidnap received, while it was a mixed bag for Drona.
DRONA primarily is a mythological film, set in today's time. For a mythological film to work it needs to involve you in, from the very beginning which drona fails miserably. Reason being several things left unexplained in the film, as a viewer you don’t feel excited about anything related to Drona being unfolded on screen. Without sounding too harsh I can say that there are high chances of one enjoying the mythological soaps telecast on TV than this movie.

The film borrows a lot from Harry potter but fails miserably. The animation is bad...something Hollywood did several years ago we are still struggling with.

As for the actors...Abhishek disappointed the most with Drona...You see him moving around with an angry face. He for once never looks the part for me. Kay kay came across as a very scary in his first scene...I had my eyes covered. But then on he disappoints.Priyanka is plain average. I wonder why she would be running around with her long flowing dresses when her job is to protect the savior of the world.

This is supposed to be a movie about a man with superpowers... But you never, even for a second can believe that the guy on the screen possesses any super powers what so ever.

Now something that never bothered me so much than in this movie, were the props used. Drona’s costume looked borrowed from some cheap theatre group with some motif work on it. One important prop used was a conch shell which when blown will open the doors to the place where the Amrit lies...Can u imagine that was painted in bright Purple and decorated all over with the sequin bindi stickers. Ditto was with the box hidden in the desert that stored this conch shell, so was the case with the hidden city of secret..decorated all over with sequins... I wonder if they bought the sequins in dozens.

Is Drona good for anything? Yes, it is. Its a good place to catch up with your old friend and chit chat for a couple of hours.

Director Goldie Behl has left the film well open for a sequel...and has in his recent interview confirmed that he indeed would go ahead with the sequel.

I had to share this with you'll...During a supposedly intense scene in the desert between Abhishek and Priyanka there was 'Tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam' in the leaves you with shock only to realize later that it was some body's ring tone in the theater and induces a huge laughter in the background. That was seriously funny.


Vidhya said...

Looks like a wonderful evening snack

Sireesha said...

Nice creative one Nidhi...looks yummy and delicious...

Suma Rajesh said...

i 2 make them as a snack..urs looks delicious and attractive..

Shreya said...

hi, Nidhi, wonderful way to use bread crumbs, and a lovely snack. Though I think I would prefer onion and ginger in this:-)

DEESHA said...

looks very delicious nidhi ... I still havent caught up with drona .. lemme see if i can watch it over the weekend


Oh you used the last recipe's bread leftover also!Very good idea:)

Anonymous said...

hey! Great way to use up left over bread, Nidhi.

Thanks for the tip on Drona. My sister shares your views, although your description is funnier :)

Sunshinemom said...

We call this bread upma and yes! It is one of the tasties evening snacks or short break idea I know of:)

Usha said...

Looks delicious..I make something similar only we call it bread upma...thanks for your review of definitely did not miss anything by avoiding Kidnap.. I saw Kidnap last weekend and wished I had given it a miss :)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow looks yummmmmmmmmmmy! Will try this out soon.

Purva Desai said...

Even we use the leftover breads in similar way.....and its quiet close to ur Bhuni Bread..
It looks really yummyy...

Soma said...

First time here. This looks like a great recipe.
Great blog overall.

Uma said...

lovely idea to use bread crumbs! Looks so good.

I have been reading reviews about Drona! Have to see it somehow.

Priti said...

Bhuni Bread looks nice...I do the same way and yes they become soggy...nice reading your review ;)...

Yasmeen said...

Nidhi, that snack was one of my favorites in lunch box! :)
Another Pathetic hindi movie isn't? Let us know if any super duper hit is running in the theaters. Its been so long since we watched a goood hindi movie:)

Reviewer said...

I am very curious about Drona and want to see it in spite of your review :)...I saw Bachna Ae Haseeno recently and posted a review of that movie on my blog,do check it out if you get the chance.....

Nidhi said...

Thank you all.

Hmm...Sure. Will try to review the movies as they come along.

Sure will chck it out.

SweetBites said...

hi, Nidhi, just visited ur wonderful blog. luv reading ur posts and recipes. ur bhuni bread looks so yummy & best eaten as a tea time snack. thanx 4 the recipe.

n33ma said...

This is a good and unique recipe.Good one.

Reviewer said...

Hey Nidhi, just added your blog to my blog link list....

farida said...

Nidhi, this is such a neat idea:) My mother-in-low makes something similar to this, slightly different. Yours looks great too!

Nidhi said...

Thanks for visiting.


Thanks for having me.

Thanks Farida :)